Work with us

Working with CLIC Schools

The defining feature of CLIC Cooperative Trust is that it is a primary phase trust.  Whilst the Trust has robust systems for accountability, each school has their own distinctive ethos and preserving these unique characteristics is a commitment to every school when they join us.

CLIC currently takes a 5% top slice from each school budget to fund the central function.  This central function is carried out by a small team of:

  • Executive Headteacher/CEO
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • IT Coordinator
  • Senior Finance Manager
  • Executive Assistant

CLIC currently outsources a range of other functions, including: HR, Payroll, Legal and Accounting.

The Executive Headteacher and CEO is the line manager for the schools’ headteachers and leads on their appraisal.

A Partnership Approach

All the schools within the Trust are willing partners, who have actively chosen to join CLIC, and we are delighted to say there is a high degree of consensus, cooperation and commitment within the Trust.

We have established opportunities for joint professional development across our schools with Teach Meets, Learning Circles and Pedagogy Projects.  We use collaborative working groups to approach emerging developments; for example, a Curriculum Steering Group, SEND Focus Groups, Rights Respecting Schools.

Chorlton Park is member of the Manchester Teaching School Alliance formed to deliver high quality training and professional development for teachers and leaders at all stages of their careers.

The Trust has robust policies and systems in place to govern and guide its work.  These have been gradually implemented as the Trust has grown.  We have also established productive relationships with trade unions.


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