CLIC Governance

Governance Overview

Roles within the CLIC Trust and main responsibilities are as follows, further details are also provided in the structural chart:


Responsible for establishing the trust and setting out the constitution.


Set out the strategic direction of CLIC Trust and are accountable for the performance of the schools within it.


Sit on the Local Governing Body and oversee different functions of schools in accordance with the responsibility delegated to them by the Directors.


Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

Each school within the Trust will have their own Governing Body made up of parents, staff and members of the community. 

Each individual LGB needs to demonstrate to the Directors that they are able to hold the Head Teachers to account for standards against benchmarks, engaging with local stakeholders and to ensure that the school is providing a broad and balanced curriculum. The Chair of Governors for each school is also a Director who provides a link back to the Board from LGB.

You can view the biographies of the Governors on each individual school website.


The CLIC Trust committees are as follows:

Pupil Standards - carried out within the Board.

Audit, Risk & Compliance - carried out within the Board.

Finance and Resources Committee 

These committees are chaired by one or more Directors to ensure the link between the committee and the Board.