Welcome to CLIC

Who are CLIC?

Some academies are sponsored or supported by an educational Trust who had no prior connection to the school.  Our Trust, CLIC, has evolved out of our school communities and is currently led by SAlly Lamb, the Interim Executive Principal.  Mrs Lamb is held to account by the Board of Directors (who oversee finance and academic performance) most of which are existing school governors.

Each school has a local governing body, with representatives from the parent body, staff and the local community, including councillors.  They work with Headteachers and pay close attention to the way in which the schools deliver the broad curriculum (not just Maths and English) and support the wellbeing of the children and staff.

Future Plans

One of the aims of the Trust is to work in collaboration with other schools in Greater Manchester and partners who have an interest in helping our children to achieve academic success and good, all-round development.  For the past two years, our schools have worked with Dane Bank Primary School in Tameside which has seen great benefits from sharing expertise. Dane Bank officially joiend the CLIC Trust in November 2019.