Values and vision

The Changing Lives in Collaboration Co-operative Trust, CLIC, was formed to develop schools, working together to create successful schools and a bright future for all its pupils and families.

Educating children in Manchester

We are educating children in Manchester, a diverse city with a history of innovation. Our children will have to compete globally, in an ever changing world. The schools in our federation and those in our teaching school alliance are in many ways similar but also have their own unique character. We do not want to create schools that are identical, but rather places where leaders are able to use their creativity and prepare our children for success in life. As a quickly changing, evolving and growing group of schools, we need to be sure that we have a strong set of values to anchor our actions. These values guide us all – leaders, teachers, all staff and everyone working with the school – and drive home the strong ethos of the schools.

Together, we make the difference

The CLIC Trust values are

  • Trust – keeping our promises
  • Caring – listening to children, staff and carers
  • Respect – treating individuals with dignity
  • Fairness – treating people justly and equitably
  • Courage – taking accountability for results, being up front about mistakes and taking considered risks.

Being a Cooperative Academy is important to us and we embrace the Cooperative Values in our curriculum as well as all other aspects of school life:

  • Self help
  • Self-responsibility
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Solidarity

We aim to share our passion for teaching and learning by building on the success of our outstanding lead school, Chorlton Park Primary.  The diversity within our family of schools enables us to understand the broad complexities and challenges schools face.  We aim to create schools that “make learning irresistible”, are committed to Cooperative values and to working in collaboration to improve outcomes for children.

The CLIC Trust is committed to changing and enhancing the lives of all of our children. We base our actions on sound evidence and have exceptionally high expectations for academic performance and children’s wellbeing. 

Changing lives is about preparing children for success in life and providing them with knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable them to develop the attributes of the CLIC Trust Guarantee:

  • Confident children
  • Effective communicators
  • Aspirational
  • Good listeners
  • Resilient
  • Critical thinkers
  • Tolerant
  • Team players

We believe that collaboration between schools is the key to changing children’s lives. To enable effective collaboration, we aim to develop groups of schools that was closely together. Our growth strategy for 2020 is for two groups of three schools. It is important we balance high performing good and outstanding schools with schools that need to improve. Therefore, we welcome enquires from all categories of school.

We are an independent organisation made up of schools that share an ethos and values.  We have a well-established culture of collaboration and mutual support in all areas of school life.  Schools joining the CLIC Trust have done so following long-term, supportive partnerships and this approach is important for the Trust and potential joining schools to develop a deeper, mutual understanding.

The CLIC Trust has built capacity in order to meet emerging needs of schools within the Trust as well as other schools outside the organisation through School to School support.

Our specialists and subject leads deliver outstanding leadership and vision and our strong collaborative approach ensures we utilise strengths of all our schools.  The CLIC Trust includes a number of SLEs and an NLE.

In order for the collaborative approach to be successful we plan to expand sustainably, initially focusing on the primary context and in Greater Manchester.


CLIC, was formed to develop schools, working together to create successful schools and a bright future for all its pupils and families.